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1. UP & OVER GARAGE DOORS - Canopy & Retractable

PVC garage doors closely match and complement the finish of today's widely available white PVCu products and share their durability and maintenance-free nature. Constructed using the same material as today's car bumpers and double glazing window frames, PVC panels create a strong but lightweight door with high dent resistant qualities. If you want a garage door that will closely match other PVCu features in your home, an PVC door is the obvious choice.

Steel garage doors combine toughness with value and flexibility. We supply and install products from several companies in order to offer a comprehensive range of styles and colours, from the traditional to modern. You are sure to find something to suit any home.

Timber garage doors offer the beauty of real wood, together with modern engineering techniques. The inherent beauty of timber offers each door an individual character of its own. They are durable, strong and can be matched to existing timber, thus enhancing any home.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
GRP offers the ultimate in low-maintenance garage doors. Again, We supply and install products from various companies to offer you the range, style and colours required to match any home. Suitable for both traditional and modern home designs.

Open for Infill
A unique garage door solution, that falls within the Up & Over category, but offers you the customer an opportunity to design your very own timber door: you cut the timber to size. The frame and struts are pre-drilled at 30mm spacings.

The Hormann frame is fully welded for a sturdy construction. Additionally, it is supplied galvanized and powder coated. The frame construction offers you two design options:- Infill overlapping the frame, whereby the frame and bottom section are entirely concealed or a timber infill within the frame (up to 14ft/4267cm wide).

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2. SECTIONALS - Steel or Timber

Sectional Doors
Available in Steel, Timber & GRP, sectional garage doors are a hybrid of the up & over and roller garage door designs and can be fitted to most garages. They maximise the drive through width of your garage as they can be fitted on the rear face or between the garage opening. Because of this, the shape of your structural opening is no longer of prime importance.

Whether square, angled, or arched a sectional garage door always gives a perfect fit. Sectional garage doors can be manufactured with an insulating core up to 40mm thick, making them ideal for using your garage as a playroom, workshop, gym, home office or storeroom. All Sectional Garage Doors are available in both ribbed, plain or georgian designs.

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3. ROLLER DOORS - Steel or aluminium & foam insulated

Roller Doors
Automated roller doors can be fitted to either the front or rear faces of the brickwork or between the brickwork opening. This maximizes drive through width and removing the need for a timber frame.

They are ideal for short driveways because the door rises vertically. Roller garage doors are manufactured from strong corrosion-resistant aluminium or steel with an insulating core, for added flexibility within your building.

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4. SIDE HUNG - Steel, Timber or GRP

Side Hung Doors
A traditional door design, combined with a vast range of styles to suit any location. Side Hung doors can be automated using an appropriate conversion kit.

They are a great option if there is no clearance inside your garage to allow for an up and over door. Security is good if you choose overlapping leave designs which can incorporate bolts at the top and bottom of the door.

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5. COURTESY/PERSONNEL - Steel, Timber or GRP

A comprehensive range of single, side hung courtesy doors in both traditional and modern designs that have been designed to match the door ranges.

They combine the strength, character and durability of the door range, but offer a durable solution to additional openings together with security for peace of mind. (up to 51'/1300cm wide x 8ft 4 3' high)

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Electric Operated Garage Door System
The safest and most convenient way to open your garage door from the comfort of your car. At the touch of a button, most automatic operators not only open the door, but light the interior for you.

Safety options offer a choice of hand transmitters and switches, wall consoles and push buttons. Features are incorporated to prevent your garage door from being forced open and most operators feature security devices that remain fully functional even during a power failure. If the door becomes obstructed for any reason, an automatic cut-out will halt the closing door.

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